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The Rise of The Kingdom Stewards

Stewardship is a word that was never heard anywhere near where I grew up. Come to think of it I rarely hear the word today except when I'm saying it. But it is a word that if you follow me and my work you will hear a lot and become very deeply acquainted and why you should. We are all stewards. Stewards of God's property whether we want to be our not. You see, God never created man to own anything but He create Adam and Eve to work for Him and to take care of His garden (property). He made sure that they had everything they needed to get the job done and to get it done right. Their reward for their stewardship would be a benefits package that Jesus Christ spells out beautifully in Matthew chapter six but it would also be Jesus Christ Himself the tree of life.

Stewardship is defined as: the job of supervising or taking care of something, such as an organization or property." google

A Steward is defined as: a person who looks after the passengers on a ship, aircraft, or train and brings them meals. google.

You, when I say there is going to be a rise of Kingdom Stewards what I mean, is that those that say they love Jesus Christ not just as Savior but also as a King are starting to realize that as a King of a kingdom he needs manager to manage what He Himself is conquering in the earth. Kings conquer and the take spoils from their enemies and then they place manages not only over the treasury of the spoils but also over the kingdom that they conquered.

When Christians began seeing themselves and stewards of this kingdom and not just servants our whole mindset will change. We will take a different type of ownership in what we do for Him and how we live our lives before Him. Like the first century church, our hearts will be changed and our affection for Jesus will grow for Him and one another.  We will begin to protect one another and serve one another and brotherly love will be unbreakable amoung us. We will most importantly fight for one another and those that have gone before us as well as those that are coming behind us. Christians all over the world will be on one accord and unite in the true unity of the Spirit of God. Nothing will shake us and nothing will break us ever again. Then and only then Jesus Christ can be assured that he will no longer suffer the kind of losses that he has suffered in the past. 

My plans are to play a very pivotal role in the global revival of the stewardship mantle and grace. With the Lord's help we will shout it from the mountain tops that every Christian has an innate responsibility to become the best steward that they can possibly be before the eyes of the Lord.

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