3 Quick Ways to Begin Overcoming Mammon – Money Is A Defense
3 Quick Ways to Begin Overcoming Mammon

1. It All Belongs to God. This is the title of the second chapter in my book "Operation Recover the Wealth." I stress the importance of understanding that everything belongs to the one that created it, God. When you really get this principle deep down into your soul it will begin to remove the care of this life that weighs you down and causes you to think that your mistakes are going to affect you forever. When you become so afraid of losing money, houses, cars, and relationships you stop taking risks. Taking risk is very important to God because to Him it is another form of faith. This is why God loves the marketplace and entrepreneurs because these are people who love taking risks. God sees this as great faith.

God also loves taking risks. He took a huge risk when He said: "Let Us Make Man." God exercised His faith when He created Adam and Eve and gave them the job of taking care of His garden. Notice I said HIS garden. When we figure out what we were created to be stewards of God's money and resources we shift into another mode of thinking that allows for greater leeway in God. We no longer have to bear the responsibility of ownership which can be too much for most.

Began by taking an assessment of your life and seek out the things that you own that you take the most pride in. Then began to pray and ask God for help with placing these possessions in the right perspective in your life. This may mean making verbal declarations to God denouncing ownership and reclaiming the possession as its caretaker and steward. This type of prayer may sound something like this. "Father, I release the ownership of this house to you and your kingdom and I recognize you as LORD and OWNER of all. I reclaim it as the steward of it and from this day forward I will faithfully execute my stewardship of this house as you see fit." This prayer will change the legal paperwork in the spirit world and now when mammon has a problem with you having that house or the one God wants to give Mammon has to take it up with God and cannot harass and torment you legally.

2. You Get What You Focus On. King David said this "I will magnify the Lord." Throughout the Psalms, he repeated this. Why? Because He knew that you get what you seek and you get more of what you focus on. In order to overcome mammon, you must begin to focus on the areas of your life where he is doing the most damage to your future. Most of the time it has to do with your finances but not always directly. Sometimes mammon's influences show up in other areas of your life and then they began to work their way towards your wallet and pocketbook. 

Some of the biggest ways that I have seen in my money coaching business is OVEREATING. Often times this is caused by some underlying emotional issue of just plain boredom. Many overeat because of laziness due to not wanting to prepare healthier and affordable meal choices so that they can stop eating out at fast-food restaurants. This can be very expensive and hard to correct without help.

Another way mammon worms his way into your bank account is through SELF IMAGE. We live in a world today were self-image is now everything. How one sees themselves can put a serious strain on one's paycheck when they find themselves shopping to extremes. If your self-image starts to consume your focus mammon is sure to soon be working the controls of your life. Spending money that you don't have on items that make you feel better about yourself is a red flag. Or being addicted to ordering items online that you don't need just to feel like you are receiving a prize or have something to show for your money is an even bigger problem.

3. Stewardship is Key. The stewardship piece is the largest piece of the puzzle. It entails so many things from applying certain principles to specific actions. But it is also the piece that must be developed from the heart. Just learning good money management skills and behaviors is not enough to make you a good steward of the kingdom of heaven. This part of the plan comes from a faith that works by love. A just steward must love his master. Not out of duty and/or service alone but out of a relationship called Sonship. Sons handle and treat their father's belongings differently than servants or employees. And although they may work side by side sons work for reward while employees work for pay. Sons understand that after being faithful in the little they will one day become rulers over much.

So, apply this understanding to your everyday life and go about your business with a renewed sense of purpose shedding the weight of ownership and that it entails for your new-found position in God's kingdom as a steward and son. If you need help to subscribe to my blog and contact me today.

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