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Are Your Finances being Accidentally Misplaced?


Money is FUNGIBLE. The definition of the word fungible is "capable of mutual substitution." In a nutshell, it means it can be used for anything. The same money that can pay your rent will also work when paying your car note. Money is a spirit and moves like the wind. Now with the onset of crypto currency, we are now about seeing money move even faster and go farther than ever before. World markets are transferring trillions of dollars all around the globe in nanoseconds and this is not being done without error. One thing I can guarantee is that nine out of ten times the error will be in the other persons favor, not yours.

If this can happen on the largest of scales you can bet your bottom dollar that it's happening in every home across America and the entire world for that matter. As a money coach, I have discovered that most people believe that money is to be used when needed and as needed. What I mean by this is that they don't compartmentalize money. Money is very fluid to Them. Their thinking is as if there is a need that calls for money as the solution and the money is available then use the money to meet the need and solve the problem and lets move on. This type of thinking has proven to be very problematic and very helpful to thieves and con men who prey on our unassigned dollar and even our whole paychecks.

You see part of Mammon's job is to move money. But there is a way that He is supposed to do it. He has the authority to use money in whatever way He so chooses when we don't managed it properly. This means that ever dollar that we earn needs a purpose. Mammon's main goal is to for the lack of the better phrase "Catch us slipping." When we are poor stewards of what God has trusted us with Mammon becomes the devour that is mentioned in Malachi chapter 3 of the Bible. By right He can strip the unjust stewards of everything they have including the Tithe. 

People who know me know that I always say "The Tithe is protection money." and a spirit world payment that must register in the spirit to let Mammon know who stuff He can and cannot touch because nothing was created to be held by anyone forever. Just like seasons change so does sudo ownership. Show me a man or woman that has been able to maintain control over something for a very long time and I will show you how they are making their spirit world payments.

So you may have a problem with misplacing your money when you decided to make money fungible. Another way to put it is you do everything out of one pot. You put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. I see this too often when coaching people who only have one bank and one bank account. Even married couples who have no clue where their hard-earned money is going because their entire household run out of one account. Now don't get me wrong there are some people who have the discipline and financial skill level to pull this off but they in my opinion and experience are few and far between.

What happens when we choose to not manage our finances like we should whether it be because out fear or the lack thereof we set ourselves up for financial failure. It's when we do the things that we know we ought not to do that the door to the devour is swung wide open and an invitation is sent to Him by express mail. The results are we often don't know what happens to our money. All we know is that all of our bills are past due and our bank account is empty. So often have I coached people who had salaries that I could only wish for but were completely ruined financially. The more income they made the more money went missing. They would claim that their habits haven't changed and that they weren't doing anything differently but hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars were missing out of the monthly incomes and budgets. Now I don't claim to be the sharpest tool in the shed so I know that people aren't totally honest with me when I call them on the carpet about their spending but these weren't those times.

There are bonified times when things just don't add up. Talk about finances being misplaced these dollars were disappearing right on paper so to speak. I would love to ask an entire room full of accounts and money managers if they experience this disappearance and if so how often. Mammon has a patent on making money disappear from one side of the balance sheet and making you chase it down.

I advise my clients to have several bank accounts and at different types of banks. I am big on splitting your finances up and sending it in as many directions as needed. A bank account for each bill or expense is not out of the question with me. Using your storehouse saving to build a spiritual wall around yourself and your family is a must. Maintaining or restoring your good name by building your credit profile is biblical as well. All this to defend yourself against the day of battle.

So the truth is we cannot call it an accident when we know that the cause is a neglect of finances. When you fail to give your money the time and effort it needs to become a discipline source and resource for your life it will find someone who will. Money must be managed and managed well or it will leave you as fast as it can and believe me Mammon has many ways of making that happen. So do not misplace your money or it will find a new place.


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