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Do More of What Your Best At


What do you do best? If I were to ask ten people this question out of the blue more than half could not tell me on the spot. Are you one of the ones that have really no clue as to what your best traits, skills, and sell-able characteristics are? If so this is a problem that you must fix as soon as possible. The good news is is that it is fixable but for many it will come at a cost. 

You see, figuring out what your best at for many people will only happen after trying a lot of different things. This will become even more expensive if you are fearful of trying new and different things. Unfortunately if you are gripped with fear at the mere thought of doing new things then this may take a lifetime if it ever becomes a reality at all.

 No for somewhat they are best at is in some cases evident from the womb. I mean somethings are just natural for some people as the day is long. We all know someone like that. Whether they are star athletes or natural entertainers. From the moment little Johnny tosses a baseball 30 yards at the age of four years old or little sally can sing like a canary at the age of five. Some people are born knowing what their gift and what they are best at.

For those who are like me you will take years filling up your social media pages with pictures of all the things you enjoy doing but not necessarily what you are best at. This means you will need added time to check off all if not a significantly large portion of your bucket list before to embark on that self-discovery journey.

 No matter where you find yourself at this particular time in your life understanding that your overall happiness is rooted in you finding and doing what your best at simply because its that gift that will bring joy and/or relief to hopefully millions of people and therefore provide a decent living for you at the same time.

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