Do You Suffer From Financial Trauma? – Money Is A Defense
Do You Suffer From Financial Trauma?


Life is a war. There is no if's and's or buts about it. You can try and sugarcoat it all you want but by design, only the strong will survive. Money helps us cover the pain and defends us from just giving up altogether and waiting on death. But, money cannot always protect us from itself because when we mismanage it money becomes death to us. To date, there have been only two people to make it out of this life alive and from what I hear death is still searching for them. 

This is what I call financial trauma. Trauma is described as being a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. Financial trauma is the result of anything that's connected to money or the lack of it that turns out bad. Most commonly not having enough money for recurring bills that are basic to almost everyone such as rent/mortgage payments and basic needs like food and clothing. Depending on who you are and where you are in life overcome the emotions connected to these events and circumstances can be daunting. Something as simple as paying your rent is no guesswork for some but a mountain to climb for others.

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