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Don't Just Set The Goal Be The Goal


Some people set financial goals and setting goals are good and very very necessary. But we must also understand that sometimes we must BE the goals for others. Especially our children and the young people in your lives. We can no longer afford to allow our lives to appear to be rich when in fact there is nothing in the bank to back up what we are saying nor what we look like. It sends the wrong message that our youth who like us will live a financially challenged and disturbed life trying to achieve what wasn't really substantiated or real all along. Heaven is looking for that which can be qualified by being quantified and measured not just discussed. The old saying "Fake It Till You Make It" is now "Don't Fake It Be It"

Just think about it like this. When God your creator thought about creating you He had a goal in mind. You in essence are His goal of something. So, you started out as the goal in the mind and heart of God. Then we are rolled up and placed into our mother womb and given a life time of opportunity to achieve the accomplishment of becoming the goal through achievement of many smaller goals. Staking one accomplishment on top of another we travel through this life searching and seeking to become what we were created and designed by God to be. Only finding satisfaction in the knowledge and understanding of who we are or who others say we are.

There my friend in lies the danger of just setting goals and never becoming the goal. Stetting goals without this end in mind will always cause you to end up at someone else destination. Someone else becomes our goal. We look at other people to try and identify ourselves and who we are suppose to be. And, in doing so we literally become them. Only when Jesus Christ becomes out goal can we even hope to get a glimpse at who we really are.

When it comes to the way we manage our finances and our stewardship before the Lord only the Bible can gives us the information that we need to succeed. What we find when we peer into the perfect law of liberty we find that we are all different and have different financial needs and capacities. What I need financial to achieve or to be who God has designed and called me to be will be much different for you. It is because of this that we find that many are overworked and stressed out because they have adopted someones else goals. 

If you have found yourself constantly making financial goals but having trouble achieving them then please contact us and allow us to pray for you and help you in anyway we can.

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