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Want to Be A Great Spouse? "Learn Money"


More and more it seems that financial savvy is making its way to the top of the list of many who are desiring to be married. Gone are the days where love is enough. Now, credit scores, 401 retirement plans and bank balances that were once only the perquisites of the wealthy are now being discussed by every economic class of people. It is the "No Romance Without Finance" Generation.

The truth is financial status has always been an important factor in finding someone suitable for marriage throughout history. As families look to move up in social-economic classes they were very picky about who their children wedded and many cultures all over the world, this holds true to this very day. But in the early 1900s, something changed. Hollywood with the invention of motion pictures introduces love as the key factor when choosing a suitable mate. It was all the movies that portrayed men and women in passionate love with each other that turned the tide first in America and then all over the world. Now we have men and women marrying all over the economic spectrum. Many of these marriages work and many of them didn't. Why? because believe it or not money and the management of it plays a huge roll in the success of every marriage.

So, if you want a marriage that can last and has some kind of fighting chance in heaven you would do well to learn everything you can about money. When I say everything the more the better. Spouses that are good stewards are much more suitable and respected as stable providers and partners. Please by no means don't get me wrong all the other characteristics are just as important to s healthy relationship as well but nothing kills more marriages than poor money management. The suffering that one can inflict upon the spouse and children is unimaginable. Take it from someone who knows. My wife and kids deserve the world after all that I put them through. But to my advantage, it made me who I am today.

 Now there are several Bible scriptures that I could put in this article about how husbands are to provide for their families and examples of the perfect wife but I won't. I will just ask that if you are married or desire to be married that you take the time to consider the type of spouse you have or desire and how you wish or would want them to manage finances. Then simply become that person yourself. Become a better money manager not for the sake of rubbing it in your spouse's face but for the protection of your future. None of us have an infinite amount of time to get it together but with a little effort and someone like me to help you along the way we can get the job done. Believe me, when I say every little improvement will be rewarded if not now most definitely in the future.

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