How to Live a Life of Low Maintanence but High Impact – Money Is A Defense
How to Live a Life of Low Maintanence but High Impact

Jesus Christ lived a low maintenance lifestyle but still turned this world upside down more than anyone has ever down before. This proves to us today that you don't have to purse a life of materialism in order to be great. That the so called American Dream in whole or in part is not the symbol of success as a person. The this things should be consider only tokens at best of the value you bring to the world and not the value themselves. 

When a person purses who they are and who God created them to be that alone is value. A high impact lifestyle that makes a difference in hundreds or maybe even millions of peoples lives for the better is tough enough. Adding high maintenance and unnecessary object's, goals and aspirations to it can and will ultimately devaluing and depleting.

When I say low maintenance exactly what do I mean. We of course I mean having low to no debt. My late uncle Cleo Thomas Smith Jr. use to always tell me that "There is nothing wrong with being broke just as long a you don't owe anybody". I used to wonder why he would say that to me but now I understand that it was because of who I am today. But, I have now put my own twist on this classic statement. There is wrong with acting like or playing broke just as long as you don't owe anyone but actually being broke is problematic on many levels".

Also living the stewardship over ownership lifestyle is conducive to low maintenance high impact living. This is the understand that we as humans from the beginning were created as managers not owners. Adam and Eve were given instructions to manage the garden of Eden not own it. By removing the pressures of ownership in our lives we live a lot more stress free and tied down by things. By renting a home and not buying it or lease your car and not owning it and just limiting your personal and permanent relationship to things. Allowing for objects that can and will become huge problems for us emotionally to flow freely in and out of our lives. Focusing more on personal savings and investments and how we can use these tools for good works than ownership of perishable items.

When we live like Jesus lived we simply get more done. If you have no problems with differed gratification than you might want to consider extending that skill to eternity. Skipping the mansion in this life for the one that Jesus Christ promised you in the life to come. I choose to focus on that mansion and not the one that needs a boat load of my time, attention and money.

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