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Is Poverty Woven into Your Personality

We have all heard the term "Poverty Spirit." It's usually when someone is trying to describe someone else who they think acts or thinks like a poor person or how a poor person would act or think. But poverty is not a spirit and there is no biblical evidence to suggest it is. If it were could it not be cast out and if so what would change in the person's life once the spirit was gone. Now although I don't believe in a poverty spirit I do believe in a spirit called mammon who has every right to keep you poor based on your own stewardship and ability to handle money in every form. If you want to call him the poverty spirit, by all means, go for it, but as for me, I will refrain from giving him that title because he is also the spirit that delivers and grants enormous wealth when someone follows his rules of wealth.

To call him the poverty spirit gives him the permission to never turn over the wealth to you and I simply refused to do that. However, I do believe that a poverty mentality is real and that it comes from a non-prospering soul which shows up in the way we think and behave when it comes to money and finances. Wealth and what we think about it play a huge role in our lives and just how much of it we will get to handle. I chose to believe what the LORD has already said in His word about what money is and how its to be used by the believer. Because of this non-belief, in who mammon is and his ability to perform his job very well is in my humble opinion the biggest travesty of our modern times. Now in the book of Mark Jesus Christ said this:

"For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always." Mark 14:7 KJV

The poor we will have with us always means that there just are some people that were born to be poor and I tell you the truth that there have been days where I believed that was me. Born on the wrong side of the tracks and had everything wrong going for me. Raised by a single mom under harsh conditions. Living house to house. On top of that, I was very dark skinned which was a big no no back in the '70s and early '80s. And to add insult to injury I was just about and ugly as they came. I had lost every game on my way from heaven to earth. So all I knew was hurt harm and danger. I had no choice but to have a poverty mentality. All a kid like me could do was dream and fantasy all day about what life would be like if I could get a hold of a few dollars. This reflected in my personality. I had poor thoughts and ways. I could not sit straight, walk straight or run straight. My inferiority owned me lock stock and barrel. 

Then I discovered that my condition was all in my head. That just because I look bad did not mean I had to feel bad. Therefore the same had to be true for my families economic status. Just because we were poor did not mean we had to feel and act poor. I realized that if I apply myself and worked hard I could one day have that lifestyle that plagued my dreams at night. I refused to behave as if I didn't have any money. I would ask questions and inquire about the cost of everything and try an calculate what I needed to do to earn that amount of money. I was so anal about money every time I got my hand on some I would iron it to get it and crisp as I could and neatly place in my wallet. Money and I were like "Me and Misses Jones" because we had a thing going on.

Fast forward all these years later and I started to realize something. Between my public service career as a Police Officer and Security Officer, I come in contact with people from all walks of life. From very wealthy to extremely poor and I have come to this conclusion. Money is a deciding factor of who we become as people. I believe that the role that it plays in our lives is the result of a hand that's being delt by The Spirit of Mammon. If we are not very very careful he will master us and rule in our lives all while having us think we are in control of who we are. But he determines where we live and go to school and how our friends are. He controls every aspect of our family dynamics and whether we get to be raised by always working parents who never are available to be at any of our after school functions.or not All the input that forms our personalities even from day one. 

I encourage you to take a good long and hard look at how money has shaped your personality. Whether you were dirt poor our born with a silver spoon in your mouth is doesn't matter. We must identify exactly where mammon and ruled in our lives and start to evicted him immediately. Do not allow him to stay for no even another day. Let me teach you and show you how to divorce him once and for all.

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