It's Time to Discipline Your Dollar – Money Is A Defense
It's Time to Discipline Your Dollar


The American dollar bill has many uses and abilities. It is one of the most mysterious and coveted items in the whole world. It is not only the world currency it behaves like its a king or even a god. This for many people is just too much to handle. So, we now have a myriad of ways to store, invest, and lose our money. It takes a lot of discipline to hang on to your money these days and here are my favorite ways to do so.


The first thing you absolutely must do is to become a highly disciplined saver. Now, if you have been following me or my blog you will know that this is my area of expertise. More than anything that I do it is to get people to see the importance of saving money. So, I use the Bible to teach people what is called the "Storehouse Principle." To learn more about this principle dig deep into my content or just read my book "Money Is A Defense."


The serious truth of the matter is that it really makes no sense whatsoever to save money in its simplest and purest way such as at home in a jar or under your mattress. The reason why is because of one dirty little word called inflation. You see, what you save today won't have the same purchases power in the future. So the more you are saving today will decrease in value in the future. So you must learn to become a highly disciplined investor. Often times at least in the beginning the best investment you can make is in yourself. That's right, invest in your knowledge of money. And I must say that one of the best ways to do so is right here on this website. I offer books and courses that will help you lay the best foundational understanding of money out there. In my opinion of course.


What can I say about being a disciplined bill payer? This is so important to your future success at starting, establishing, and getting the credit that you need to really do big things in life such as purchase a home our car. Even, obtain a business start-up loan and many other things. It all starts with proving that you can return what you took in a timely manner. 


You will hear many times the phrase "Cash is King" but this is actually not true. Credit is king. There are far more things that you can do in this word with just a hand full of credit cards rather than a bank account full of cash. Don't get me wrong you're going to need a bank account full of cash to back up all that credit you have built up but never ever make the mistake in thinking you don't need credit just because you have the ability to pay cash. 


Last for not the least is giving. Giving must become just as a major part of your life as all the items that I have listed above. It's preferably the one this that is most important in this list and the one item that should be learned first at a very early age. The earlier the better. 

These are just the beginning steps to building the foundation that needs to be expanded upon with the discipline to budget every dollar you earn and to know exactly where it all goes at all times. Through constant analyzing of your finances and squeeze every penny not until it cries but a least until all waste is strain out of your monthly budget. In doing so you will be on your way to a lifetime of getting the maximum enjoyment out of your hard earned money.

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