Let's Talk About Money – Money Is A Defense
Let's Talk About Money

Are you someone who hates talking about or thinking about money. Do you live without a budget and just face things as they come financially. Are money problems frightening to you and fear grips you when even the thought of certain financial challenges arise? First of all your not alone. Second, you must understand that this problem comes from one of two places. Either way, it's probably because you were taught as a young child to subconsciously hate money because there never seemed to be enough of it. Now mammon has got a hold on you to the point where he is convincing you to make bad financial decisions and then refuses to let you tell anybody about it by making you feel ashamed or embarrassed about what you have done. Mammon uses this tactic over and over again like a broken recorded.

He tells you "keep this between us." He comforts you with impulse buying habits mostly for things like comfort foods or small cheap trinkets. He allows you to splurge at the dollar store but never at the department store without tremendous feelings of guilt or buyer's remorse. Yes, you and Mammon have a thing going on and he refuses to let a guy like me or anyone or anything else come between you and him. Mammon pulls out all the stops when you make even the slightest attempt to try and shake this very evil spirit.

Jesus Christ talked about money often. In fact, He talked about it all the time. The only thing He talked about more than money was the Kingdom of Heaven. And you know what? We should be talking about money a lot as well. Jesus knew that money issues would be the number one reason that would keep most of us from overcoming and understanding His Fathers Kingdom. He made reference after reference concerning money and His kingdom. Each time he skillfully accepted that His kingdom was more valuable and that money and wealth were worthy to be sacrificed for the Kingdom. Parable after parable he compared the two highlighting the necessity to overcome the benefits of one for the other.

Heaven is only for them that overcome. Overcome what the world? NO, because Jesus already did that when he died on the cross. But overcome the very thing that gives us the power and desire to build our own kingdoms MONEY. So shake yourself and get help fast because Mammon is the worst kind of seducer. He makes a great servant but a terrible master.

You cannot overcome something you don't talk about. One of the biggest mistakes I see in my money coaching business is that parents don't talk to their children about money. It is said that we learn our financial management skills by the time we are in the seventh grade. If this is true then no wonder 9 out of 10 people are living paycheck to paycheck. Once these money management habits good or bad are in place it is very hard to change course.

So, think about what you were taught as a child about money. then think about what you are teaching your children if you have children about money. And make the right adjustments. Remember poverty is often passed down from generation to generation.

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