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Mammon Plays The Long Game

What is the Long Game? Well, let me start by saying that I really had no clue until I had to learn it for myself. The long game is doing or handling your business in such a way as to produce a desired outcome in the end and not necessarily during your lifespan. It thinking of what they call the END GAME at all times. The long game is not for the faint of heart and will surely punish those who need instant gratification. The long game is for the patient and calculated. Those who have not just the big picture in mind but the biggest picture in mind. For the believer in Jesus Christ that would be called the afterlife.

Christians by nature should be playing the long game. Since we don't live for this world but the one to come. Having the mind of Christ is an eternal mindset that says this isn't it. It's the fighting off short-term goals for long-term gains. It's becoming both physical and spiritual beings with the understanding that the spiritual is to take the lead because or the mortality of our bodies.


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