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MONEY the Number One Form of Appreciation

Money is a gift. A gift that just keeps on giving. It started out in all forms of trading and exchange. Then it took shape with different forms of its own. Money is more than meets the eye. Money is trust and store value but most of all money is a spirit. That spirit called Mammon knows exactly who we are and what we are as human beings. He has successfully woven money into just about every emotion that we feel and the feeling of being appreciated is no different. I may just go as far as to say that the feeling of being appreciated and money are intertwined.

What is Appreciation? A quick Google search tells us that it is "recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something." To really appreciate this word we must also discuss the word "recognition". What does it mean to be recognized and just how important is it to us as human beings. 

Recognition comes from the word recognize. This word is deeply rooted in the term Identify or identity. This is where it gets personal. Every human being has a built-in desire to be recognized due to the fact it helps us identify who we are. Whether we believe it is not who we are as a person comes largely from what others say about us or say who we are. Human beings just have a hard time identifying themselves. We must have people that are important to us tells us and in any way verify who we think we are. Appreciation is just one way that we receive the recognition that validates our station in life which for many people is huge and a very big deal.

When someone really feels appreciated they when go to the ends of the earth to serve and protect the source of that appreciation. When Money is introduced into the equation something else happens on a spiritual level because as I have said money is a spirit. Money transcends us from emotion and affection to a level that can be considered as worship.  When we are given money as a form of appreciation the giver can almost do no wrong in or eyes. The gift of money is a sign of deep appreciation and caring about one's basic needs for survival.  We see the giver as someone that wants us to make it and live.

This happens in many types of situations and circumstances. Employer to an employee. From fans to their idols. From Parent to child. And from God to us. In all of these scenarios, the flow of finances is seen as provision. Humans are wired to become extremely attached to anyone of anything that provides for them. The truth is that this provision is not always in the form of money. It can be in the form of education. Teaching someone something that we make them better off or in some cases worse off earns the teacher a special place in their heart. A place of high esteem and solid appreciation. Even though you did not give them any money they received something from you of equal or greater value "Knowledge". In fact, they may have even paid you for this knowledge. 

So, please remember the next time you want to show your appreciation for someone that you really want to stick around and stay in your life do it with money. 

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