Reasons To Hate Mammon and Not Money #2 of #99 – Money Is A Defense
Reasons To Hate Mammon and Not Money #2 of #99


Mammon is the god money and the Bible says in the book of Exodus that we are to have no other gods before Jehovah. Mammon like all gods cannot and will not settle for second place or co-worship.

"Thou shalt have no other gods before me." Exodus 20:3 

The #2 reason why we should hate mammon is because he is a little (g) god and desires and strives to be worshipped over his creator Jehovah God this proves to be problematic in that the very first commandment ever given to the Jews. When we do not manage money which is the rulership of Mammon the exact way the Bible instructs us to we by default are worshippers of Mammon and not Jehovah. Although our feelings tell us that this could not be true we must push past our feelings and emotions concerning money and analyze the cold hard facts.

It took me some time to come to grips with the fact that although I had been a Christian for a very long time that I did not love God like I thought I did. I did not know this because so much of my time had been spent on chasing a paycheck and spending it on any and everything I could imagine that would fill the void in my soul. Always pursuing money and never having enough. Now I only pursue God and his way of getting wealth to me and as the cliche says "through me."

You have to began to ask yourself "What wakes me up in the morning God or Money" I mean really what or who is your genuine motivation to get out of bed and go about your day. Is it because you want to go win the world for Jesus Christ or because you owe you owe you owe so off to work you go?

Mammon positions himself so inconspicuously in our lives that we don't even know that he is there. He has the ability to mascarade as God being a prince and having been given a level of sovereignty himself. So without the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside, we really have no ability to determine when its God talking and when its Mammon. It takes His guidance, conviction, and presence to help us understand who we are and what we should be doing. Most of all who in any giving moment we are doing it for.

So our hate for Mammon must come from our love of God. That's where it starts. Our love of God must be so intense that we naturally become enemies of everything thing He is against. 

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