Reasons To Hate Mammon and Not Money #3 of #99 – Money Is A Defense
Reasons To Hate Mammon and Not Money #3 of #99


Reason to hate Mammon #3 could easily be reason #1 because of its simplicity. You should hate the Spirit of Mammon because he hates you. Now, I know they say as Christians would should not hate anyone and that we should love everybody and everything but that is a lie from hell. God Hates. (43 Things God Hates) We say but God is love and this is true but by that very definition He would have too not only hate but also resist anything that is not love or not like Him. In the spirit world opposites do not attract they attack.

Mammon is an unrighteous spirit and the direct opposite of Jehovah God whose is whats called All Righteousness. This means He Himself is the very definition and essence of righteous. Everything He thinks and does is the template for righteousness. He can do no wrong because He can only be right as the creator of whats right and whats wrong. Therefore Mammon's unrighteousness is in direct conflict with Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. As Christians we love and serve Jehovah who is the creator of all things including Mammon. Mammon hates us because of our love for his boss which is our Father. He is like the jealous supervisor or manager at work who thinks are the owner. The one who tries to sabotage the owners business by hiring the wrong or bad employees.

Mammon's desire to be loved and worshiped like his creator/employer is the main reason that those especially Christian that refuses to serve him must pay a high price financially. Mammon's hate for Christians is so intense he doesn't want any Christian to come anywhere near the abundance and prosperity that our Father has promised us as our inheritance and for our obedience. Although he is fully unable to pull this off due to the legal laws of the spirit that forces money into our lives the only legal way though whats called work. When we work for money we earn the right to have it but only the portion that we agreed upon. This is why contracts are covenants and a very serious thing in the spirit world. This is a world where you only get what you agreed upon. All the more reason to not take the subject of Mammon or Money lightly. We say and do things like "Only on need this amount or I don't want to be rich" not knowing that we are cutting covenants of poverty with our own mouths. In the spirit world there are no idle words.

The truth of the matter is only The Holy Spirit of God can really tell you why you should hate the spirit of Mammon. He does this by showing you going forward how Mammon creates scenarios and circumstances that short cut and short circuit any and all financial progress in your life. Then He will take you back sometimes generations and identify Mammon DNA all over your blood line as poverty is being handed down from generation to generation. Then you will feel what needs to be felt to Hate him with a perfect hatred. Selah

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