Spending With A Purpose and A Plan – Money Is A Defense
Spending With A Purpose and A Plan

Do I need it or do I just want it? And, if I just want it to have I earned it. Understanding the difference between your wants and needs is essential to getting ahead in life. Anyone who does know how this principle operates will soon find themselves in a world of financial trouble. One of the main areas in which these issues shows up the most is in the eviction courts.

Having worked for the Housing Authority for thirteen years I have seen my share of evictions. But not just there but among my social circles and in my family and friends as well. Those who at some point lose sight of the fact that paying their rent is more important than fine dining or a shopping spree at the mall. People who were never taught how to develop a purpose and a plan for the money let alone their lives. Having no purpose and plan is how people end up in public housing most times.

Lets, talk about what spending with a purpose and a plan really are. You see, Mammon the spirit that rules money has a very very important job to do. He must see to it that money circulates around the world person to person business to business billions of times a day. Ensuring the providence of God giving everyone an economy. When the monies that you have earned have no purpose, plan, or direction this becomes available funds for Mammon to swing back by your life and claim as unused. He then repurposes it in the places that need it more than you do. This is why many get paid on Friday and are broke by Saturday.

It's only when you give every single penny an assignment that you can shield your income from being reclaimed by Mammon. To Him, this is business although it feels very personal. You must purpose any and all discretionary income. This can be done by storing/moving it into a bank account that has been earmarked for a specified reason. This is Biblically called a "Storehouse".

We have found out and proven that when you take our stewardship seriously before the Lord He increases us the right way. Separating our needs and wants and waiting on the Lord to supply versus toiling to obtain that which our hearts only lust for. The things that will ultimately drive a wedge between us and our heavenly father.

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