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The Importance of putting your Faith in God and not Mammon/Money.

Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not high-minded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;” 1 Timothy 6:17 kjv

Money is one of if not the most deceptive subjects and objects in the world.  There are so many lies told because of and about money on a daily basis it would be impossible to wrap our full understanding around. From business owners who own lie about the true cost of their goods and profit margins to accountants who falsifying budgets, proposals, and balance sheets. I dare not mention the cheating and outright theft that goes on in sports and politics all because of the M.O.N.E.Y. Or should I say all because of the love of it.

It is very easy to start trusting money/mammon especially when you have plenty of it. It finds its way into our hearts very fast at an early age the moment we see what it can do for us. I wish I could remember the very first time I ever understood that the only way my parents or mother could get me something I wanted that was under the control of someone else was to use money. I wish that somehow I could understand what that moment did to me. How it changed my life forever. Little did I know that at that very moment I was introduced to the world of money and commerce. I wonder how did that transaction make me feel. Was I happy when I probably should have been sad? Sad at the fact that I would for the rest of my life need to have money and in the right amount in order to experience even the smallest of life's satisfactions like buying a cup of coffee or a donuts or both. And if everything in life this sort of price tag connected to it why would I need to go to school to learn anything else but how to get money and a lot of it.

Then at some point came the connection between money and a roof over my family's head. This is when every child learns without guidance in most cases how it takes money to pay the rent or mortgage. That this strange thing humans called money had to be used on other things than candy, food, and clothing. And that's how we connect money to our personal well being and yes, even our own physical safety. I believe it is at this juncture that we really start to develop a level of trust in money that will content with our trust in God. Because we are not taught that money is a spirit that contents with our trust in God we become extremely confused about who really has the power and is really in charge. But we are not to consider what we might have in the bank as an ark of safety but rather why and how God desires to provide for us each day using money the colored paper and not the spirit of money "Mammon".. ”Give us this day our daily bread.”

So we must train ourselves and make a concerted effort at all costs to put and keep your trust in God only. Know that He can provide us the money without having to submit to the mastery of the spirit that governs it Mammon. Mammon is a principle spirit whose job it is to prove you unworthy of God's blessing by testing your stewardship of what you already have. He has a million and one scenarios to send you way in hopes of catching off guard. Especially once the blessings of the Lord began chasing us down. Here are a few ways you can do this.

1. Sit on your paycheck if possible for a few days before paying bills and spending on anything but the necessities. Mammon hates it when you make him stay locked up in the bank which is really a jail for money. It throws off his timing and all the perfectly timed calamities that he had in store for you get thrown off because one triggers another. He will scream as loud as he can for you to let him out, but just tell him to shut up and sit down until he is forced to obey your instructions. Let him know that you determine his direction, timing, purpose not the other way around.

2. Pay your Tithes and Offerings first. I do not teach first fruits as a matter of the law for we are no longer under the law of sin and death but I do teach it as just a good habit to have. The time between when you get paid and the time you actually pay your tithes and give your offerings is to much space and opportunity for mammon to throw a monkey wrench into your finances. So giving God his and then paying yourself before anybody else is just good for Kingdom business. And you will just feel better about yourself and the way your life is going. This habit closes many spiritual arguments that mammon may use to discredit your stewardship. As long as the tithe and offering made it in he can complain all he wants while still having to bless you with what you need.

3. Develop the joy of being a blessing to others. I do this by setting aside a $20 bill or more if the lord leads to blessing someone out of the blue for no reason at all. I often fold up a $20 bill in my pocket on Sundays and asked the Lord who needs this $20 the most. He always shows me and then I as secretive as I can approach them and slide the $20 to them in a handshake and say to them ”Would you please pray for me sometime this week for a half-hour.” they almost always check to see what the denomination of the bill is first before they agree Lol. You have no idea how encouraging this can be to people as well as a blessing.

So use my tactic or create your own but do something that proves to God and mammon that it's not all about you and Jesus but that you are concerned about his people and love them just as much as He does.

Please share the ways that you use to try and keep your faith in God first in your life.

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