The Money Secret – Money Is A Defense
The Money Secret
There is only one secret to money. The secret is simply to have some. I know what you're thinking, John, are you crazy. The answer to that question is yes. Just crazy enough to tell you the truth about money. Because money is more than just an object of stored value and trust. Money can do things that you might not expect money to be able to do. Money can talk to you or for you. Money can run to you or away from you. It can defend you or offend you. The greatest trick money has up its sleeve is that it is a huge magnet to itself. That's right money loves itself so much that it's attracted to itself. Because money is a spirit (mammon) that can't get enough of himself He is a sucker for loving to be around himself. He loves to multiply in the lives of people who understand how to hold onto him and protect him through financial stewardship and fiscal responsibility.
But, there is a flip side to money. Money is your number one defender against the Spirit of Mammon. Money is a defense according to the Bible and it defends you from Mammon's extraordinary power. If you have money its probably because you have some understanding of what to do with it and how to manage it properly. Mammon has limited power to influence those who are just stewards as opposed to being an unjust steward like we see in the book of Luke chapter 16. So, as your understanding of money in relation to Mammon grows and your soul begins to prosper you start to become protected from Mammon's games. Believe me? Mammon has many games he can play and tricks that he can use to knock you off your high horse and prove that he is your master and not God.
Having money is not only your number one defense for not having money but it is also your number one problem that can give you over to Mammon total control and mastery. You see, just like when you don't have any money Mammon can manipulate you into doing wrong to get more money. He also plays the same games when you have too much money and began to think you are financially ok. This is why I wrote the article "ever Man Has His Price". A financial principle I discovered in the Word of God that proves not having enough money and having too much money is both problematic and you must learn where your financial boundaries lye. Both extremes can be a curse. 
Although the secret to money is, in fact, having some of it, having too little or too much is very dangerous. This is where proper Biblical stewardship is a must to stay in God's grace and out of the clutches of Mammon. You have to learn the financial principles found only in God's word concerning money and apply them correctly each and every time to get the right results needed to propel you forward, not just in life but also in the kingdom of God. God gives people wealth for specific reasons and He expects you to manage it in a way that provides for your own life and then execute His will in the lives of others. If you are lazy and will not go after the wealth that is laid up for you that God has called you to. If you are greedy and like to horde money then after you get the power from God to get the wealth you are in error and being ruled by the Spirit of Mammon.
You literally are displaying the characteristics and behaviors of someone who serves and is being controlled by another god (Mammon). This is how God uses money management as a measuring tool to determine who really belongs to Him and who belongs to Mammon. And although you maybe be displaying all the right actions of a good Christian you are really far from it. I can make that bold claim because Matthew 6:24 is very clear and absolute. "No Man Can Serve Two Masters." You going to love one and hate the other period. When you fail to even attempt at being the just steward of God's wealth and resources that He designed you to be you have shown that Jehovah is not your God. When you receive the power from God to get wealth according to Deut. 8:18 and then turn your back on God when He asks you to write a check that rocks your world and you start trying to find every excuse in the world not to then you know that mammon is trying to wedge himself between you and God. 
Learn how to navigate these dangerous and tricky waters by subscribing to my blog and check out my other articles. You may also inquire about my Biblical Money Coaching services to get you started and on the right path. I am committed to helping you and others overcome the spirit of mammon live the life God custom-designed for you before the world was framed.

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