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The Sin of Financial Presumption & Assumption


The Sin of Presumption is a serious thing. I mean it's really a big deal. And although we rarely hear anything directly about this sin it is becoming more and more a part of the mainstream gospel doctrine today. Large parts of the faith movement in many ways had very little to do with faith at all but stressed the importance of presuming and assuming that God is obligated to bless you with your wildest dreams and more.

To presume something means to: "suppose that something is the case on the basis of probability." Oxford. It also means to take for granted or suppose something will happen based on the knowledge that because it has happened before it could possibly happen again. Now, when it comes to the gospel this is all true. God can do what He has done before again, but to paint God into a corner and assume that God will do it for you is dangerous. This is especially true with the ministers who throw out those blanket promises of blessings to people who don't even know the Lord. You know the ones that we see all day on Facebook. The ones that say "Before the day is over your going to receive a manifold increase in your finances or God is about to give you a financial blessing for this action or that action." My question is always who specifically is this for. And is God going to bless the ungodly also just because you said He would? I just assume that if I read it on Facebook that it for everyone and anyone who reads it.

To assume means to: "suppose to be the case, without proof." Oxford. This is when you're just throwing spaghetti against the walls hoping that it will stick somehow. What can we assume in God? absolutely nothing. Nobody in all the galaxies gets taken for granted more than the God that made everything. The problem is He is the last one anybody should be taking for granted. He is a God that tells us Who He Is, What He is, When He is, Why He is, and Where He is and sometimes How He is. We need not wonder about Him but only be in wonder of Him. 

To presume and/or assume becomes sin because it makes God subject to us mere mortals instead of the other way around and that can never be. Presumption and Assumption are deeply rooted in pride and arrogance. Not just when it comes to God but also with our everyday relationships. No one likes anyone to presume or assume that they will do this or do that. I know because it happens to me a lot. People naturally assume that I will be there for them when they call. But I try to in no uncertain terms remind people that I will not always be available to them. Especially family. 

So, please take a good look at yourself and pray to God for help in this area. We must learn and know what the difference is between True Faith and Presumption. Assume God will do something is vastly different than knowing He will do something because He spoke it to you directly or through a qualified vessal/minister. Have faith in what God has said nor in what you presume to be possible. One is first-hand knowledge that is admissible in the courts of heaven and the other is just gambling with your life.

Unfortunately, it is just natural for many of us to do this without hesitation or thought due to the way we have been raised or taught. We go about our daily lives assuming that Jesus will work it out and fix all of our struggles and issues. If this were true what about all those people that the Bible says will claim to have done great things for Him but Jesus will say depart from me I never knew you. Did they not Presume or Assume that they had a relationship with Jesus Christ? How could this happen?  How could someone think they were married to Christ but weren't. What level of pride and arrogance does someone have to walk in to think that the had a full-blown relationship with someone they never even met. Selah! The Bible says that God will resist the proud but give grace to the humble. James 4:6.

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