The True Definition and Meaning of The Word HELP – Money Is A Defense
The True Definition and Meaning of The Word HELP


The word HELP has taken on a totally new many today and is found many times in the Bible. In my generation, that word meant something totally different than it does today. As a kid, I was taught that the word meant you were in the throws of trying to accomplish something but was coming up short in your efforts and needed outside aide to push you over the top. Today this word seems to mean I'm not trying and it won't happen unless you do it for me. Could this be the result of a generation where the parents got way to far involve in their children's science project? You know the ones who's child project looks like it was completed by a team of NASA Scientists. And when you ask the kid if he or she did it all by themselves they just turn and look at their parent(s). In my generation, you would not dream of asking for help until you could prove without a shadow of a doubt that you had already given it you all.

If I wanted a pair of new shoes I would have to prove that I had saved up at least half from any possible allowance of monies earned from cutting grass etc. Today children think nothing of asking their parents for $100 shoes with the sink full of dirty dishes and their rooms unclean. On one hand I really admire the bravery and boldness of the younger generations but on the other hand what they are most bold and brave about are the things that don't belong to them or they haven't really earned the right to have.

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