The Truth is Money Hurts – Money Is A Defense
The Truth is Money Hurts

Money is painful and the truth is it hurts. I mean it downright makes you want to scream in pain and agony sometimes. Whether you don't have enough of it and you live in abject poverty or you have too much of it that finding truth friendships or establishing genuine relationships is now nearly impossible. I know that everyone these days is touting being rich as the "IN" thing as the only way to live life and being poor just sucks to no end but what about just being Ok. Being Ok with what you have and how you get it. Being Ok with how it comes and how it goes. Just being content with life in the middle and not driving yourself to the edge of financial pain and anguish. 

There is a little known secret in the Bible that teaches us how to be content with where we are in life and what we have accumulated at any given point. God put this in His word because He knows that money is a spirit that operates off of strick principles that many are unwilling to adhere to. And that this can bring lots of joy or lots of pain. Circumstances created by money that often has nothing to do with how much or how little of it you have. The secret is to know what I have coined your "High Low Limits". This is a specific amount of money that each individual needs to maintain at all times throughout their lives. A savings account that the Bible calls a Storehouse. This brings about a supernatural financial balance in your life that is spiritual and root directly in the Word of God. There are two places in scripture where this concept can be found. But, I won't' reveal it here. You will have to read my books to find this nugget of gold.

The truth is when we lust after money it opens portals for all sorts of demonic influence and activity in our lives. The Bible is true when it says that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. The root of a tree is unseen because it's underground. When we start to eat of the fruit we start to take in the essence of the root. Desiring more and more of its poison until we have began participating in evil acts that having money can afford us or criminal acts that get more of money. Either way, we make a big mistake when money becomes the object of our affections and the center of our worlds as we see that it has become for many today.

"For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." 1 Timothy 6:10 kjv

Money is the number cause of much of the evil we see in the world right now today. From abortion to child sex trafficking. Drugs and murder. To divorce and domestic abuse. You name it when the motive is revealed in most of these horrendous crimes against humanity the desire for money will almost always be at the bottom of it all. This is why I titled this article "Money Hurts". We are always sold the bright side of having money or the dark side of not having enough of it. But when will we be told the truth about money. That how it has become a drug of the masses. How it is the god/mammon that requires many to sell their souls in an effort to become rich and promises to somehow escapes all of life's trials and tribulations. As if the statement "More Money More Problems isn't true.

God create money to be a gift. An answer to problems and a defense for our lives. Man has perverted it use and made painful for many to even think about. The poor suffer for the lack of it while the rich can't sleep at night for having to much of it. But there is a cue found only in the word of God and I have the prescription so stay tuned.

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