Weaponizing Your Financial Stewardship – Money Is A Defense
Weaponizing Your Financial Stewardship

I believe Biblical stewardship is the right now future of every Christian and disciple of Jesus Christ. We have entered an ERA where high-level management, leadership, and stewardship particular financial stewardship is now being strongly mandated by Heaven like never before. Not only that but Heaven wants and needs us to weaponize our financial stewardship and rebuild God's Storehouses and Treasuries.

How do we weaponize our financial stewardship? First, we must understand that money is a weapon and it will be used as such. Either for good or for evil. Now, money in and of itself is neither good nor evil. It totally depends on the user. When evil and wicked people control all the money they do evil and wicked things with it causing major social-economic problems worldwide. But, when the righteous are in charge and financial stewardship is at the forefront of our walk with Christ then the world benefits from God's provision towards mankind. The world is becomes blessed.

Now I know that there are people out there that think that however they have earned or stolen their money that by simply being charitable with a portion of it wipes the slate clean. From drug dealers that buy loves one's gifts and pay their mother rent with the proceeds of their drug sales to the overpaid CEO that takes poor kids Christmas shopping every year to ease the guilt. These are people who believe in their minds that you can serve both masters at the same time. That you can take more than you need just as long as you are generous with the surplus. But that could not be any farther from the truth. Money has rules because money has a ruler Mammon. When we don't play by the rules set forth by God we are by default playing Mammon's game. According to the book of Matthew 6:24, no man can serve both at the same time. No one can serve both God and Mammon. So, when we think that mismanaging money is ok just as long as we pay our tithe and give offerings to God we're A-OK with Heaven we really have another thing coming. 

Because of what money is and who created it money just like all things really belong to God. It belongs to God because it comes from God. God is the only creator everything comes from and starts with Him. Not only does everything start with Him everything stops with or ends with Him. This means we must understand that when we use it any other way than the way God has prescribed it becomes a weapon against God the creator of it. When He sees us coming to Him with what is supposed to be a gift but is really a weapon that makes us look like one of His enemies. Just as when someone invents something for a specific purpose but then sees that the specific purpose has been all but abandoned by the end-user and new uses have been discovered it is offensive.  At least at first until they see the sells charts. But when we pervert the use of money that was designed to bringing people together becomes the perfect tool for dividing us. That's what money has become. Instead of it being a tool to end bloodshed it became the instrument of it. Instead of it being a gift and a defense it becomes an offense when not handled the right way.

Our stewardship is not only of the utmost importance to God it is what He expects us to use as a weapon against Mammon. We as Christians spend and waste a whole lot of time defending ourselves against a devil that the Bible says is already defeated. But the Bible has never said that Mammon the god of money has lost one step in his game. What it says is that the love of the very thing he controls is synonymous with loving and serving him. And, if with love him that it is impossible to love God. This is why we must weaponize our stewardship and we must weaponize it now. Today is the day for tomorrow is too late.

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