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Money Talks and it Literally Has a Voice

Money is a Spirit. If you have read any of my articles you will know that I say that a lot. This is because it's true. Money was a Spirit long before it had a forum or shape. In fact, everything that exists starts out in the spirit world because everything is first an idea in someone's mind. Whether that be the mind of God or yours. This is a principle of creation. But for all those who love to doubt me when I say that money talks and that it has a voice that speaks to you, I always tell them to try this little test.

The instructions are simple. Just take a crispy brand new one hundred dollar bill and place it in the middle of your bedroom dresser where you can see it from anywhere in the room. That's it. That's all you have to do.

But, then let’s see just how long you can leave that same one hundred dollar bill laying there. Then tell me each time you walk into your bedroom and see that one hundred dollar bill just lying there if it has a voice or not.

I guarantee you that it will talk to you each and every time you walk by it. It will say things that will blow you away. It will say to you things like. 

“Hey don’t you see me just laying here”
“Just pick me up you can always put me back down”
“Don’t you have a taste for (your favorite food) tonight I got it it's on me and you don’t have to cook.”

 And so on and so on. In fact, it will not shut up. Mammon will try every trick and pull every emotion trigger in the book from guilt to excitement to get you to pick that money up and run out the door with it. Mammon will never tell you to do the right thing. He will always steer you wrong by encouraging you to spend on your own lust. This is where you need the “Power To Get Wealth.” Because wealth is not just in the getting especially for the believer it’s more-so in the keeping. To them that have(keep) more shall be given and in abundance. Matt.13:12 KJV

 I suggest that everyone try this just to get the best idea of how mammon is the voice behind the paper money. And to practice overpowering him by making him stay put for as long as possible. Or countering his instructions with your own. For instance, when he says go to the mall and splurge on yourself you say I think I will create a savings account just for mall splurges and place "X" of dollars in it every payday until it gets to a certain amount. Then I will reward myself for my good stewardship with a shopping spree that spends just half of what's in that account. This type of counter-punching burns mammon up because you will override his wishes by showing great discipline and still getting that shopping spree out of it.

The ultimate goal is that you learn his voice and how he uses the money to sucker you into a trap of being constantly broke and depleted which is his goal. The less money you have the more susceptible you are to his voice and opinions. You are more likely to follow his advice when you don't have a sufficient amount of money to meet your needs. The more money you have the more options you have. Less money for fewer options. Mammon does some of his best work in impoverished situations.

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