The First Step to Becoming a Better Money Manager is to Repent. – Money Is A Defense
The First Step to Becoming a Better Money Manager is to Repent.


Too often we forget who money belongs to. The money just like everything else in this world belongs to God. He created it and assigned a spirit to rule over it (Mammon) and therefore when we mismanage it we are obligated to tell God that we are sorry and mean it. Repentance is so important to our walk with Jesus Christ. It;s not only how we receive forgiveness from our sins but also how we communicate that we are truly aware and sorry for the damage we have caused to His kingdom.

Mammon's job is to police our stewardship of money and report our progress to God. When we manage it correctly we elicit all the host of heaven to help us do better and better. As stewards of everything God created our mindsets are to be opposite of the worlds. We are managers and not owners of God property. The reward for being a good manager is we get more to manage. More money, more of everything. But when we are bad managers or what the Bible calls unjust stewards we get fired just like in the book of Luke chapter 16.

It is very important that we recognize that when we mismanage money that this is theft and that heaven sees it and more importantly responds to it as such. Just like within our secular jobs if we waste or mismanage our employers products we will more than  likely be disciplined for it all the way up to termination.

What do you manage for God and will you one day hear the words "Well done good and faithful servant (Steward) you have been faithful over a few things. I will make there RULER over many things." Matt. 25:23.

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