Counting The Cost – Money Is A Defense
Counting The Cost

Religion has taught us that faith is launching out into the unknown and that great faith is launching out without any knowledge or understanding of where we are going or how you're going to get there. How many times have you heard the sermons that cause you to abandon all care and launch out into the deep? Well, I can say this. Although those sermons were very well-intended they should have come with disclaimers. Many have by an irrational form of faith lost everything they have for all the wrong reasons. This included but is not limited to marriages and families. All on what's called a blind type of faith. A faith that is more in line with the spirit of a gambler that the spirit of God.

More times than I am willing to admit I have run off after something in the name of faith. Not giving any thought as to what the human or financial cost would be. I just assumed that if I could conjure up enough faith by doing all the right works and sowing all right seeds that I would be rewarded with my prize. But that could not have been farther from the truth. Even after years of trial and error I still lacked the understanding needed to figure out if I had what it really took to be successful in God. I had to learn that getting a blessing was the easy part it was keeping it and defending it that disqualified me every single time.

Jesus always instructed His disciples to 'Count the Cost." His instructions were very clear in the lesson he taught them in Luke 14:28-33 where He gave not one but two examples of how important it was to ensure that before you set out to build or go to war both of which are activities of the kingdom you must count the cost before attempting to do it. Taking into account whether or not you have the discipline and fortitude to see the mission through. I learned that Jesus doesn't like to lose and if I did not have a plan to keep what God gave me then I had no business even asking for it.

"For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?" Luke 14:28 KJV

Jesus explains both scenarios in a way as to pull on the business acumen of these men who were business owners themselves. They understood the consequence of not having what you need to get the job done and turn a profit for a viable business. He explains the importance of doing your homework first. This means spending the necessary time to plan things out so that you have a clear understanding of exactly what needs to be done to bring the project to its completion. 

Jesus relays this vital lesson in no uncertain terms as to imply that it is common knowledge that you among ordinary people as well as kings. He also implies that if you do not possess the ability to count the cost of your decisions you cannot be His disciple because you are going to embarrass Him. He states that people who build without the resources to finish are mocked. Is this not what we see much of today. Churches are closing left and right because they did not count the cost of what it takes to sustain a ministry. Christian in foreclosure and vehicles being repossessed not do to job loss or illness but due to buying something they could not afford to begin with.

In order to overcome the spirit of mammon, you must become an expert at counting the cost of your actions and decisions. The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and maintaining your life in GGod under those conditions is not a walk in the park. So please count the cost. 

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