Size And Value Are Not Always The Same – Money Is A Defense
Size And Value Are Not Always The Same

Let's face it there are some people we call friends that add no value to our lives whatsoever. People who if you were to remain friends with you would not be any closer to your destination five or even ten years from now. Although I am not in favor of cutting people off I am in favor of being careful who you call a friend. One of the requirements of true friendship is someone who propels you towards your destiny, not someone who just listens to all your complaints and likes some of the same foods.

True friendship is an economically beneficial relationship. Meaning you can get money together. It's a profitable relationship in more than just one way. Spend more time with your money-making friends and they will help you fund your assignment in God. Your money-making friends will be more concerned about your financial well being. They will also inadvertently pay for stuff both out of obedience to god and out of just pure appreciation for the relationship. 

There no relationship no worst for wear than one were there is a financial imbalance or strain/drain on the friendship. You may have a friend that you absolutely enjoy being around and handing out with but when its time to do something that involves an expense this is where things get tricky. Know that somehow and someway you are going to be the one that always ends up with the short end of the stick you go through a whole range of emotions trying to get yourself with being ok with having to foot the bill each and every time. 

Having friends or a circle of friends that decrease your net worth is problematic. Especially when all they have to offer you in return is a listening ear and/or a crying shoulder. Now, please don't get me wrong this may be all that some people need and want out of a friendship, but for most of us, this can not and should not be enough.

What are you trying to say here, John? All I'm saying is this. You are the essence of the five people you hang around the most. And if the majority of this circle of friends is broke you will be broke too. You may be saying but John it is so hard to find good friends nowadays. This may be true for broke people but not for people with money. People with means can afford to do all sorts of activities that cause them by default to come into contact with other people with means that are looking to make new friends just like them.

Take it from me because it is true sometimes you must shrink your circle to increase its value. 

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