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The 30 Day Money Challenge

My 30-day money challenge is not for the faint of heart. It is designed to get my clients and members of my holding company MIAD Holdings LLC off to a fast start at the same time challenge them to stop being afraid of Mammon/money. When someone comes to me asking for help it typically means they are sick and tired of being broke. In my experience and in most cases these are people who make a good living and cannot figure out where all their money is disappearing to or they know exactly where their money is running off but cannot for the life of them find the power make it stop. So, the first order of business for me is to get them to understand that money is a spirit and that his name is Mammon and He doesn't play fair or should I say really doesn't care which is more like it. To say he doesn't play fair would be a lie and because he plays so fair that it can easily be seen as not fair. Even though Mammon is a Prince (principality) with sovereign power over money he still has parameters, boundaries, rules, and guidelines. I like to put it this way. "Mammon enriches the wise and impoverishes the foolish."

When I come across a client that I believe has the ability to complete the 30-day challenge I get all excited because they are few and far between. This challenge can be daunting not because it's really that hard but because of the rules you really have to face off with your fears and acknowledge that there is in fact for lack of a better word "Boogie Man" that puts fear in us when it comes to asking or demanding what is rightfully ours i.e money owed us from a friend/family or a pay raise that we were supposed to get but never got. There are a whole host of reasons and ways Mammon keeps you locked out prosperity using fear and intimidation alone.

So, just what is the 30-day challenge you may be asking yourself. The 30-day challenge is me challenging you to save one thousand dollars within 30-days. Sounds easy right? Wrong. The money can not come from any of your current income sources and that's including your paycheck. You must come up with creative ways to get the money out of friends and family and in some cases even strangers. Now I do give you some ways that clients that have completed the challenge told me worked best but I cannot share them here. But I will say that it is a very fun challenge for them and for me. I love getting the phone calls with progress updates. And I love how it makes us all fill when they reach the goal and learn that they had it in them the whole time. In other words, my 30-day challenge is a financial chain breaker and just a mighty fine way to jump-start your new life of freedom from Mammon's mastery.

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