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The Truth About Blessings

What do you have? What is it that your asking God to bless? Is it your gift, talent or skill. Is it your business or family. When we pray to ask God to bless us what we are asking Him is to increase something that we must already be ruling over (controlling) well. 0×1000=0. For the best results having evidence that we are already in the throes of battle to pursue take and overcome whatever it is we want or need is best. You come before a righteous and Holy King with nothing and you will leave with less. So I ask again. What do you have that if God we're to Bless (multiply) it tremendously would bring about abundance in your life? If you have nothing let me encourage you to get something. 

I have found that we use the word blessing in the wrong way. We have taken the word and reduced it to its lowest common denominator which is any and everything that happens to us that out of our control is a blessing from Heaven good or bad. We say things like "I'm blessed because I woke up this morning" or "IMy car stopped running but I still blessed because It could have blown up".

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